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No Thanksgiving food orgy? New meds change thinking

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For most of her life, Claudia Stearns dreaded Thanksgiving. As a person who struggled with obesity since childhood, Stearns hated the annual turmoil of obsessing about what she ate – and the guilt of overindulging on

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what we know so far

A woman holds a Mounjaro injectible pen.

Early trial results show no link between the drug Mounjaro, which is often prescribed for weight loss, and substantial loss of lean muscle mass.Credit: Sandy Huffaker for The Washington Post via Getty

The treatment of obesity has been revolutionized

13 Ways to Break Through It

THE FEELING IS defeating.

You’re well into your weight loss journey and you step on the scale for a week or more and the number is … the same.

Losing weight involves a fair amount of motivation, at least from